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Event Medicine 

LifeTech Event Medical Service provides onsite medical personnel and resources to ensure the health and safety of your attendees and staff.  Whether it is your worksite or you’re hosting a football game, concert, gala, filming a movie or television show, our team of certified professionals can perform onsite medical services. 


LifeTech provides Medical Service coverage for small events to events in excess of 100,000 people. We have the resources necessary and the experience to meet and exceed all requirements and expectations of the customer, including all city, county, and state requirements.


Sporting Events

LifeTech provides onsite medical response for the Attendees, Participants, and Staff at sports and mass gathering events.  Recent events highlight the critical role medical support and planning can have at sports and mass gathering events.  With the growth in popularity of sporting events and sports tourism, it is important to include event medical coverage for these events. 


LifeTech utilizes specialized personnel and equipment to provide services ranging from basic first aid to large multi-site, multi-venue events with full Incident Command structure, nurses, and specialized response teams on sites.



All events and venues are unique in size and scope. Our team of event medical services specialists will work with your staff to develop the right medical team with the expertise required for your event and venue.  LifeTech will work with the event staff to address staffing, EMS support, medical supplies and equipment, medical care protocols and procedures, and administrative requirements.  LifeTech will ensure there is adequate staffing for the level of care and medical conditions expected.


Concerts & Special Events

As an event coordinator or promoter, you are rightly concerned about the increasing number of injuries and drug or alcohol abuse incidents.

LifeTech provides seasoned medical personnel to protect spectators, participants, staff, and dedicated medical coverage for high profile talent. We will perform a pre-event survey to help assure that every possibility for injury is addressed, that we have the necessary equipment in place, and that we have a detailed Event Medical Plan in place to efficiently cover the event.

Concerts, sporting and competition events, festivals, and public gatherings, may require local and state compliance. If required, we will meet and work with public officials to establish an Event Medical Plan. We will work with local EMS departments to assure that anyone needing medical aid is provided immediate treatment by our medics and provided land or air transport to a hospital if necessary.

Whether your event is for 5 or 100,000 people we will provide appropriate and efficient medical coverage.  LifeTech medics can be dressed to be seen by everyone or discreetly dressed according to the event requirements.

Corporate Events

We also provide medical services specifically suited for corporate events and venues.  At LifeTech, we work with each of our clients to create a safe environment for attendees and employees. 

LifeTech will provide the level of service that you desire from basic first aid to a complete package of medical coverage with pre-event planning and post-event reporting.

  • Banquets

  • Tradeshows

  • Conferences

  • Promotional Events

  • Festivals

  • Stockholder Meetings

  • Training

Our staff is always on-site and ready but discrete and not intrusive, dressed appropriately, with the proper equipment and supplies. Our medics can be assigned to one individual or to the entire cast and crew and will meet with you prior to every assignment to help determine the appropriate medical equipment needed as well as any other possible exposures that may be present and might require our services.

Film & Music Production

LifeTech provides experienced Paramedics, RNs, or Emergency Medical Technicians to meet the production schedule of our clients.  We are professionals in the treatment of sudden injury and illness and our focus is on the recognition of hazards and the injuries that may occur. We will treat every injury or illness promptly, discreetly, and professionally. When possible, we treat a patient and assist them back to work but if necessary we will provide transport to the ER or specialist.

Our medics can be assigned to one individual or to the entire cast and crew and will meet with you prior to every assignment to help determine the appropriate medical equipment needed as well as any other possible exposures that may be present and in need of our services. We will pay particular attention to the medical needs of any cast or crew member who requires more individualized attention. When requested, we can assign highly trained Medical Escorts to any cast member requiring this service.

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