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Minnesota's Premier Event Medical Service


Our Experience

LifeTech Services has been providing Emergency Medical Staffing at public, private, and government events since 1987.  LifeTech focuses on developing the protocols and training to assure that our clients receive the finest medical response possible with the highest level of customer service. The events include a wide range of venues from small private indoor events to very large outdoor events such as the Pride Festival and Parade where over 500,000 attend over two days.  LifeTech annually provides Emergency Medical Staff for events with total attendance in excess of 3,500,000 people. 

About LifeTech

 Why Choose LifeTech

The emergency medical personnel  includes physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians.  All emergency medical personnel are licensed or certified in their respective areas of practice with the State of Minnesota in accordance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 144E.

LifeTech Services utilizes a state of the art personnel management and scheduling system to assure that every staffing need of its clients is filled with quality emergency medical personnel, trained and prepared in customer service, knowledge of the venue, facility operations, and client expectations.



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